Sasha Corbin | Netball | Train INSANE or remain the same with Crazy Catch

By on August 9, 2015

England Netballer Sasha Corbin using the Crazy Catch to improve her skills in this inspiring video about her netball journey.

Sasha shows how she uses the Ultimate Rebound Net to develop her speed, reactions and to push herself further with the INSANE side of the Crazy Catches producing an unpredictable rebound.

Train INSANE or remain the same and you too could develop the skills to become a top netball player and perhaps one day play at the very top level… The Crazy Catch range for netball includes the Professional Double Trouble, Wildchild Double Trouble, Upstart Double Trouble and Freestyle so get your’s today

Fantastic training aid for clubs and schools as well as for using at home to improve your game.