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By on January 8, 2013

Hockey isn’t the first sport that would come to mind with the Crazy Catch but more and more clubs are seeing their benefits to aid goalkeepers and to help field players master 3d skills and rebounds. Lewes Hockey Club coach Ross Bone reviewed the Crazy Catch Wildchild and Professional and his article appeared in the December issue of Push Hockey Magazine

Push Hockey Article- Dec 2012

He saw the key benefits as…

  • Easy to set up and adjust so you can work with players of different levels
  • Multitude of possibilities for goalkeeper sessions including throwing and catching, reflexes, reactions and footwork.
  • Able to recreate the same or similar types of saves – without relying on the skill of a feeder
  • Unpredictable height and speed so good for forwards to learn how to control awkward balls in tight areas and for defenders to counteract those lifts
  • “An excellent fun coaching aid and well worth using!”

Spartan Hockey Camps- GK

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